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What Is An Eftpos Gift Card?

Discover your guide to all things eftpos. Here, we break down what an eftpos card is, where you can buy them and how to check your card balance.

Eftpos cards, debit cards, credit cards — while you’re likely very familiar with these terms, you may not be aware of how they all differ from one another.

Spoiler alert: one of the major differences is that unlike debit and credit cards, an eftpos card is the perfect gift for all kinds of special occasions and recipients. In this guide, we break down what an eftpos card is, outline where you can buy them and show you how to check your card balance.

What Is An Eftpos Card?

We should start off by clarifying that EFTPOS and eftpos (lowercase) are actually two different things. Bear with us on this one — we’ll break down each of them below. EFTPOS is a globally recognised term that stands for Electronic Funds Transfer At Point Of Sale. Essentially, an EFTPOS machine refers to any machine that accepts debit or credit card payments. Eftpos, the lower case version, is an Australian domestic payments network that allows for the electronic transfer of funds when debit cards and select credit cards are used at the point-of-sale. In other words, eftpos allows businesses to accept payments from an individual’s bank account through debit cards or some credit payment cards. So, whenever you select CHQ or SAV on a payment machine in Australia, you’re paying with eftpos. Eftpos now uses contactless payment technology, so it’s just as convenient as other payment methods.

What’s The Difference Between An Eftpos And Debit Card? 

Eftpos cards and debit cards are similar in terms of functionality. Both cards withdraw funds from your bank account as opposed to drawing from a line of credit, which is what a credit card does. Both debit cards and eftpos cards can also be used for contactless payments.  However, eftpos and debit cards differ in a number of important ways:
  1. Eftpos is an Australian system and can only be used in a select few placed outside Australia, while debit cards and Mastercards can be used internationally.
  2. Eftpos cards can’t be used for online purchases, but debit cards can. 
  3. When using your eftpos card in-store, you can choose SAV or CHQ. With a debit card, you may be able to choose to draw from credit. 
  4. Some banks charge extra for eftpos purchases or only allow a finite number of free purchases per month. Most of the time, your bank won’t charge you extra for purchases made with Visa or Mastercard. 

Where Can You Buy An Eftpos Card?

Eftpos cards can be purchased with ease online at Select retailers such as Officeworks and local post offices may also stock a limited number of eftpos cards. While many people purchase eftpos cards for their own personal use, eftpos cards are also a great gift option.  If you’ve ever been told gift cards are impersonal presents, we couldn’t disagree more. No matter who or what you’re buying for, we believe an eftpos card is the perfect gift. They are designed to be used at a wide range of stores and venues, so the choosing power is in the hands of the recipient. Let’s face it, everybody loves choosing their own gifts, especially when the whole paying-for-it-part is already taken care of.  While some gift cards may look and feel a little bland, we’ve worked to create themed eftpos cards, which makes them feel that little bit more memorable and personal. Our range of eftpos cards feature:

Eftpos Cards — By Theme

Whether you’re wishing someone a happy birthday, Merry Christmas, or you’d just like to say ‘thank you’, we’ve got you covered. These cards can be used at any establishment that takes eftpos.  So, your lucky recipient can shop clothes with wine, groceries with accessories, or homewares with home repairs — it's all up to them! This eliminates uncertainty on your side, so you can relax and enjoy watching your giftee shop for something they'll truly treasure.  For an extra personal touch, you can even add your own greeting and a personal video before sending them their e-gift card. Our themed eftpos cards include: 
  • Custom Eftpos – for those with a creative flair, you can create your own design
  • Love theme – perfect for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries) 
  • Birthday theme
  • For Dad – ideal for Father’s Day
  • For Mum – ideal for Mother’s Day
  • Christmas theme
  • Congratulations theme
  • Thank you theme
  • Present theme
  • Wedding theme
  • Lunar New Year theme
  • Chinese New Year theme

Eftpos Cards — By Location

These cards are designed to be used somewhere special with someone special. 
  • The Restaurant Card can be used at thousands of restaurants Australia-wide that accept eftpos. 
  • The Cinema Card can be used at hundreds of cinemas that accept eftpos around Australia. 
  • The Pub & Bar Card can be used at pubs, bars, venues, and hotels in Australia that accept eftpos. 
  • The Pamper Card can be used at hundreds of beauty salons, clinics and day spas around Australia that accept eftpos.  


Exclusive Cards

If you’re looking for something a bit more tailored that still allows your giftee to peruse a range of brands, opt for one of the below gift cards. We've aggregated a curated selection of top brands onto each card based on the intended recipient. This makes for a simple yet thoughtful option for the gift-giver and, much like with our eftpos cards, leaves the choosing power with the gift receiver. The cards include: 

How To Check Eftpos Card Balance

Checking your eftpos card balance is quick and easy! Follow the below instructions:
  1. Head to the website 
  2. Click on the three lines on the right hand side of the screen
  3. From the drop-down navigation menu click ‘Check Balance’
  4. Input your activation details and card number
  5. This will redeem your card and you will be able to check your balance
 It’s that simple!

Ready, Set, Eftpos 

Whether you’re treating yourself or a loved one, an eftpos card is the perfect gift. Our eftpos cards make gift-giving easy and personal for the gift-giver, while allowing the giftee to choose something they’ll really love. To ensure the cards still feel special, we’ve created exclusive designs and themes catering to a variety of special occasions, locations, and recipients.  You can shop our range of gift cards, including our eftpos cards, online now.
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