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We Chat with APAC Communications Director, Lucille McCart

This month we sat down with Lucille McCart, the APAC Communications Director at Bumble!

This month we sat down with Lucille McCart, the APAC Communications Director at Bumble, a dating app (also now a business connection app and an app for finding friends) about how she balances a rewarding and stressful job with taking care of herself.


Introduce yourself to our readers, what do you do for work etc?

Hey everyone, I am Lucille - I am the APAC Communications Director for Bumble, the dating app where women make the first move. I am responsible for our PR and communications strategy in Australia, New Zealand, India and Southeast Asia. We have a mission to empower women and advance gender equality, so a big part of my job is talking to women every day about how to create healthier and more equitable relationships.

What is your favourite way to be kind and generous to yourself - do you have a specific routine that you like to follow for your day, or something you like to do to unwind?

During working-from-home-life, I like to treat myself by shutting my laptop around 6pm and cooking a nice dinner and watching a TV show like New Girl that helps me relax and unwind.Healthy meals during the week and something more carb-y and cheesy on the weekends. In normal life, however, my ultimate treat to myself is going for a massage on a Saturday afternoon or treating myself to a blow dry before a Saturday night out. Great hair always equals good vibes. I always make time for things that will reduce my stress. Take regular breaks and don't be a slave to your inbox. I'll often close my emails to focus on finishing a task so I don't have too many pending things to do, and I can cross things off my to-do list at the end of the day. When it comes to self-care in relationships, it's about making time for things that fill your cup and having time to yourself. If you love film and your partner isn't into it, make time on a weekend to see a movie with a friend. Your partner doesn't need to be everything to you!  

If money was no option, what is something that you would treat yourself to?

I have a secret obsession with hotels. If I had an unlimited budget, I’d be staying in a different luxury hotel every weekend! The perfect hotel stay for me would involve cocktails by the pool, followed by a bath and indulgent room service.

What is your 'self-care' mantra? Do you have any words of advice that you like to live by?

As much as I love baths and face masks and treating myself, self-care is often more about the internal than the external. This might mean going for a walk in the sun at lunch time or shutting your laptop at 3pm and going to spend time with friends.

If you were stuck on a desert island, what are three items that you would bring to help you get by?

My favourite pillow, sunscreen and an iPod - I don’t even know if they still make iPods but music would be essential!  

Talk us through any rituals you have that promote a sense of health and well-being? Why are these important to you?

For me, it's regular light exercise. We all get busy but making time for a morning walk or an afternoon gym session is really important for mental health. Also making time to actually have a personal life no matter how busy you feel; taking time for dinner with a friend, or even just time to sit on the couch and watch TV is so important. 

In society, self-care has often been viewed as a luxury, rather than a necessity. Do you think that needs to change?

Self-care isn't something that would be viewed as a reward. We are so focused on our own productivity and sometimes we feel like we need to have achieved a certain amount to earn a rest. But rest and self-care is essential to a happy and fulfilling life, and you don't need to have done anything to earn it! You can find more about Lucille and the wonderful work she does via her Instagram, here! Time to take some time out just for you? Shop The Pamper Gift Card here.