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How to Pamper a Pregnant Friend... My Gosh She Deserves it

Find some insight on how to pamper a pregnant friend. With so many rules and restrictions, it’s great to find a little clarity...

Find some insight on how to pamper a pregnant friend. With so many rules and restrictions, it’s great to find a little clarity...
Unfortunately, there are lots of restrictions for pregnant women, specific treatments have harmful toxins, day spas are off-limits, and the types of ingredients and cuisines that are a source of so much happiness are out of the question (depending on how cautious you are).
Understanding how to pamper a pregnant friend is the key to making their pregnancy a little less stressful.
Let’s chat about a few activities that are off-limits but more importantly some great ones that will rejuvenate the soul and prepare them for the months ahead (or try and forget the months behind). We’ll also include cute gift ideas for a pregnant friend. Or, if you want to get them an assortment of gifts, we’ll touch on what to put in a pamper pack.

Pampering a Pregnant Friend

So obviously, there are a lot of insecurities and hang-ups associated with having a baby. Their feet swell up like balloons, walking through the mall feels like the equivalent of the trojan horse breaching the walls of Troy, and there are so many rules and regulations to follow, so much so, that the headache that’s currently slamming their head against a wall is somehow intensified. 
But there is meditation in all that madness. They just need a friend (you) caring enough to divulge such mediums of R&R and an article like this to let YOU know what those mediums are!
Let’s jump into ‘How to pamper a pregnant friend’.

Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy, a hormone called relaxin is produced in large quantities. Relaxin softens ligaments around the pelvic regions to create a flexible environment for a natural birth. Muscles change and weight shifts rapidly, not to mention there is up to 10 kgs of extra weight that they’re carrying around. GIVE THE LADY A MASSAGE!
Prenatal massages are at the top of our suggestions for great gift ideas for pregnant friends. If you’re booking an appointment directly, make sure you ask if they cater to pregnant women. If you’re looking to buy a Pamper Gift Voucher, do some research online for therapists in the area that offer this service. Go a little extra and read some reviews to see if they are any good or not; it won’t work in your favour if it’s an hour of excruciating pokes and prods or they hardly felt anything at all!  

Pamper Pack 

Yes! A pamper pack is a collection of all things self-care. No doubt there is a list of self-care items that she’s run out of, and it’s currently not in the budget to restock.
Unfortunately, baby products and a lifetime of wipes and nappies cut the cue and steal resources from our skincare, perfume, candles and bath bomb budget.
We’d just like to take a sec and say that our Pamper Card is actually ideal for putting the cherry on top of you’re gal’s pamper pack. If you haven’t heard of it before, don’t worry we’re not offended.
Pretty much, whomever wilds the card of power possesses the opportunity to spend at any hair and nail salon, beautician, and massage parlour that accepts EFTPOS, which is like, all of them. And if they don’t, they’re probably dodge and she shouldn’t be there anyway.
Any who, have a look! She’ll love it… The Pamper Card   

Pregnancy Clothing

For some, pregnancy can be pretty undignified. You watch as all your clothes begin to cut circulation from the rest of the body, and you start wearing your partner’s t-shirts because nothing else fits.
But going shopping for pregnancy clothing is embarrassing for some women. That’s where you, the best friend, swoop in and reassure her that she is gorgeous and that she shouldn’t sacrifice comfort just to maintain a ‘below 20’ pant size.
Buy her a voucher from her favourite (realistic) retailer. It’s not even just the clothing and comfort, it’s just nice to go shopping, you know? And she’s probably seen nothing but the inside of Baby Bunting (not dissing baby bunting, love it…) lately, so it’ll be a breath of fresh air…  

Pedicure / Manicure

As we mentioned above, pregnancy really does take its toll on self-esteem and confidence. But, luckily, you’re reading our guide on how to pamper your pregnant friend and we’re here to tell you that there are heaps of things that you can do/ buy for her that’ll boost her confidence just with a little self-care. And visiting a nail salon is on that list.
Neatening the edges is one element of self-care that, if you think about it, is a real challenge for pregnant women, especially down south. Take her to a nice nail salon and get a sharpen. And, one of the best things about experience gifts, is that you can do most of these things with her and justify it by saying you’re keeping her company!  

Cute Gift Ideas for Pregnant Friends 

Here are a few other cute gift ideas for pregnant friends that weren’t worth a detailed summary but nonetheless needed a mention. And all or some (depending on budget) can be collated into a neat little pamper pack dressed in ribbon and bow! Give it to her sooner rather than later, anything to get her through an uncomfortable 9 months.
  • Scented candles
  • Bath Bombs
  • Skin treatment (look to see if it’s pregnancy-friendly)
  • Pregnancy pillow (game changer).
  • Brow treatment
  • Lashes (this is a maybe for some as it requires laying on your back)
  • Marley Spoon subscription
  • New perfume
  • Essential oils
  • Hair treatments
  • Fit ball
  • Yoga mat
  • Quality dressing gown (essential)
  • Slippers, ugg boots
  • Jewellery of sorts - friendship bracelet or baby and mumma bracelet.

Activities that Pregnant Ladies Should Avoid 

We just want to declare that we aren’t by any means a source of medical advice, and anything that you’re really unsure about, you should consult your GP, Midwife, or Obstetrician. 
Regardless, from personal experience, here are some things that don’t sit well with pregnant women (and babies).

All things Over-heated

Saunas, Spas, Float Sessions, Vicrum Yoga, and long walks on hot days (that one’s pretty straightforward). The belly is fundamentally an incubator sitting at 40 degrees (Celcius) and any environments hotter than 30 degrees or so are going to be extremely uncomfortable. Not only taking comfort into consideration, but it’s also dangerous for a pregnant woman’s core body temp to rise above 39 degrees. It can increase the heart rate of a baby and even send a pregnant woman into early labour!

Drinking Environments

This one is a little controversial as some doctors tell you it’s okay to have one drink with food and others tell you to completely cut it out of your life for the full 9 months.
If your pregnant friend has chosen NOT to drink, everyone just take it slow whilst having a girls catch up! It’ll help her feel included, and pregnancy can feel a little isolating in some aspects!

Harmful Treatments

Some treatments may cause more harm than good. Waxing (though practical as they can’t reach most parts of the body), is just another painful exercise adding to the persistent discomfort they are experiencing.
Treatments that require the ‘flat on your back’ position can potentially prove harmful depending on the placement of the placenta. Once again, we reiterate that, for all treatments that they or you are unsure of, consult the practice or a doctor about the repercussions.  

Pamper Power

We hope you’ve found something from our list of gifts and steps on how to pamper a pregnant friend. If you want to take a look at the list of retailers on the Her Card or need more info on the Pamper Card, follow the links. But as to what’s truly important, we wish them all the best, and we hope they find comfort over the next coming months!