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What to Put in a Pamper Pack for Girls AND Guys

Are you looking for a unique gift to give your loved ones? Read here for a guide on what to put in a pamper pack for girls and guys that you'll love.

What to Put in a Pamper Pack for Girls AND Guys

Everyone loves a good self-pampering moment. Did you know that taking the time to pamper yourself can actually boost your physical and mental health, too? In other words, pampering isn't just about looking and feeling good in the moment. 
That being said, not everyone thinks to invest in the self-care products and services that can make a long-term difference. That's where pamper pack gifts come in handy.
If you're thinking of putting together a lovely self-care gift or throwing a pamper party, you've come to the right place!
Read on to learn what to put in a pamper pack for the girls and guys in your life that they'll love.  

What to Put in a Pamper Pacl: The Basics

First, let's cover the basics of what to include in a pamper pack. Pampering is the act of grooming as well as nourishing the body, and a pamper pack should be filled with items that lend to that process. Let's take a look at some of the best pampering gifts to share with your loved ones.

The Pamper Card

Nothing will bring delight quite like The Pamper Card. The Pamper Card gives your loved ones the choice to visit a participating salon, day spa, or beauty clinic, making it the perfect gift for both girls and guys. 
Take a look at how to use The Pamper Card and how to check the balance. We made things simple so that recipients can focus their energy on the joy of paid-for pampering services!

Skincare and Grooming Products

Imagine the luxury of an at-home spa day on a quiet Sunday evening. That's what pamper packs are all about! Put together an arsenal of skincare and grooming products catered to the recipient's needs.
Got a gal pal who loves a good mani-pedi? Include a DIY manicure set equipped with high-quality nail files, polishes, and more.
Got a guy friend who keeps a full beard? Consider including beard-grooming products like beard oils, beard conditioners, and so on.Cleansers and exfoliants, toners and moisturizers, face masks and lip balms--these types of products are all at home in a pamper pack!  

Tasty Healthful Treats

Pampering yourself is about nourishing your insides as well as your outsides! Include some tasty healthful treats such as nuts and popcorn, dried fruits and artisanal chocolates, and a variety of teas.
Making a pamper pack for someone over the age of 18? Red wine is always a welcome addition to an adult pamper pack!  

Bonus Pampering Gifts

Looking to create more unique pamper packs? Consider throwing in a few additional items that you know will suit the recipient.Does your loved one enjoy a good laugh? Add a book of jokes that’ll get the belly laughter going. 
Does your loved one adore the opportunity to sleep in late? Add an eye mask, cosy throw blanket, or luxury pillow into the mix.
Other bonus pampering gift ideas include foot baths, bathrobes, head or back massagers, and anything else that will encourage your loved one to sit back and relax for a moment.

How to Pamper a Girl

When it comes to pampering girls, it's nice to think about the self-care she already enjoys and the elements she has yet to explore. The goal is to appeal to what she likes while also creating the possibility for new experiences. Oh, and a nice scented candle will always help.

How to Pamper a Guy

Pamper gifts for guys don't have to be totally different from the ones you'd give to the girls in your life. As we mentioned earlier, The Pamper Card is a great gift for girls and guys! However, you may consider guy-specific grooming products and masculine scents when putting together a pamper pack for a guy.
Want to know how to pamper a guy? Read our take on it! How to Pamper a Guy - 5 Ways to Level-up Their Self-care  

How to Plan a Pamper Party

Looking to throw a pamper party for you and your friends? We're here to give you a quick and simple guide to pamper parties too!  

Prepare the Pampering Area

Start by preparing an area in your home or flat where you'll partake in pampering activities. The key is to reduce clutter, as a clean space automatically puts people in a more relaxed state
Then, lay out all of the supplies you'll need, from grooming products and towels to snacks and beverages. Throw on some soft tunes, dim the lights and light a few candles, and your pampering area is ready!  

Plan Easy-to-Implement Pampering Activities

Think about how many people you're inviting and what types of pampering activities are easy to implement for a group. For example, an activity that requires thorough face washing might not be easy if you have one bathroom and fifteen guests. Mani-pedis, on the other hand, work well as a group activity--as long as you have enough nail polish!  

Give Out Pamper Packs as Party Favours

The best part about attending a pamper party is taking home great pampering gifts. Make sure to put together small (or large, if you're feeling up to it) pamper packs for guests to take with them. Be sure to include a few grooming products, The Pamper Card, and a nice snack or two.  

Start Pampering the Girls and Guys in Your Life

The act of pampering accomplishes plenty of goals at once, from improving your skin to improving your health. Why not give people the gift of pampering by putting together some marvellous pamper packs? Now that you know what to put in a pamper pack, you're ready to impress the girls and guys in your life and turn them on to the world of self-care! 
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