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Get Staff Going with the Corporate Gift Card

Hit that quarterly target early? Corporate Gift Cards are the best way to say thanks and ensure you're buying something that everyone is going to love.

Quit brainstorming weird and whacky gifts for staff when you can give the people what they want, which is whatever they want! For Corporate Gift Cards in Australia, shop with The Card Network and watch productivity and company culture go through the roof.

Perks of Corporate Gift Cards

If you're searching for client and staff gift ideas, here's a few perks if you purchase Gift Cards;
  • Save the business time picking out indvidual gifts for staff.
  • Save the business money and access your discount by ordering Gift Cards in bulk.
  • Strengthen business relartionships, secure partnerships and increase productivity by incentivising. 
The Card Network Gift Cards are perfect for corporate gifts, rewards, loyalty and acquisition programs.

Corporate Gift Cards - Freedom of Choice!

  • Reward your staff
  • Incentivise teams
  • A gift that can be used at leading retailers
  • Both physical and digital gift cards available
  • Discounts for bulk buying 
  • Ability to customise for your team


Discounts on Corporate Gift Cards apply for bulk orders only. Enquire today for a fast, easy way to show staff your gratitude. Call The Card Network on 1300 735 931 or fill in the corporate enquiry form and we will be in touch shortly. 

Bulk Order Support Team Hours

Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm