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Five reasons why gift cards from Card.Gift are not impersonal

It’s a tale as old as time “I love receiving gift cards, but giving one feels…. impersonal.” Research shows there are two motivations to consider when gifting, firstly to make the recipient happy, secondly to strengthen the relationship between gifter and giftee in a meaningful way.

To do these two things, it’s about creating a personal gift without directly asking what they want. You see the dilemma? Luckily, Card.Gift have solved the personalisation debate, here are five ways we’ve done it:

Customised Cards- Designed by you

Card.Gift custom card function allows the giftee to design their own card, yep you heard that right. What does that mean you ask? It’s simple, use a family photo your mum loves, a pic of your besties fur baby or you could get creative and use an illustration or graphic design. You can do this simply on our website, send it via SMS or email or keep it old school and send directly to their door. Gift cards, impersonal? Rubbish.  

Video messaging

This one’s for the TikTok obsessed. Card.Gift offers a unique function that allows you to create your very own video message for your giftee. You have up to 60 seconds and 50 MB worth of space and time to play with. Whether it’s their favourite TikTok dance, a video from afar or a simple I love you, our video messaging enables you to connect with your giftee in a way they least expect it. Plus, don’t forget the gift card that accompanies- it’s seriously a win, win!  

Unique digital unboxing experience

We’ve all had that sinking feeling before, it’s 5pm and it hits you that a family member or friend has turned a year older, and you’ve done nothing…ouch. That’s where we step in, our digital gift cards can be sent instantly via SMS, to their inbox or scheduled for later, but it doesn’t stop there. Accompanying your digital gift card is a digital unboxing experience, a short animation that adds some pizzaz to your last-minute gift.  

Personalised gift card packages

If you’ve opted for a physical gift card, you’ll be glad to know we don’t believe in basic envelopes (what a relief). Our premium packaging feels and looks like a gift. Our bespoke envelope and greeting card allow you to write a personal message, it is then packaged up and sent straight to their door. Thoughtful gifts are all about the presentation and there’s no doubt we’ve nailed it, and they’ll love it.  

So many gift cards to choose from

This might seem well, obvious. But our extensive range of over 150 brands offered on Card.Gift might just solve the personalisation conundrum. If you’ve got a tech head in your life, opt for a fan favourite JB HI-FI card, are they building a new home why not try and HOME gift card, they on the road a lot, try a Fuel Gift Card. Not to mention brands like, Nike, Adore Beauty, Rebel, Apple and so much more. If you know you’re giftee well, finding them a card that truly represents them won’t be an issue on Card.Gift. Coupled with all the above, we think it’s safe to say gift cards can be a meaningful, personal gift!  Problem solved ✅