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How to Pay with a Foot Locker Gift Card Online

Are you keen on purchasing some new shoes, but have no idea how to pay with a Foot Locker gift card online? This article is your best how-to guide to get you those dream runners quicker. 

With tips on activation and usage both in-store and online you’ll be sprinting on those tracks sooner, not later!

How to check Foot Locker gift card balance?

If you have your heart set on those Adidas shoes, you need to be aware of how much money you can spend. A Foot Locker gift card balance is key to knowing your financial limits and what you can add to your shoe collection, so it’s important to know how to locate those digits. You can keep track of your card balance on the redeem section of our website. 

Can I use a Foot Locker gift card online?

Yes! With this sporty gift card, you can buy a range of athletic shoes from notorious brands such as Puma, Nike, Converse, ASICS, Air Jordan, and more. As long as you have the required funds, you can purchase any shoe you’ve got your eye on. And with an online gift card, your options are endless.
 All you need to do is redeem your gift card by entering the 8-character code on the back of your card, as well as the last 3 digits of your card number. You can also find this code in the email you received after purchasing the gift card online. Once you’ve redeemed the card, you can begin your shopping spree!

How to use a Foot Locker gift card online?

A Nike Air Max 270, anyone? Knowing how to use your Foot Locker gift card online will get you power-walking quicker.
 After adding your dream purchase to your bag, you can redeem your Foot Locker Gift Card funds by first clicking the guest or member checkout button. Then you just fill out out your name, address, and contact details such as email or phone number. This is so the company you’re buying from knows where to send your new kicks.
 Next, under payment information, you can click ‘add gift card’ or ‘converse gift card’ for example. This is where you need to add in the numbers located on the back of your gift card, which should comprise of 16 numbers in total. Now, you’re ready to pay and get your order shipped!

Where can I buy a Foot Locker gift card?

You can order a Foot Locker gift card on Card.Gift any time you feel the urge to get yourself - or friends and family - new sneakers, whatever time of year that may be. Giving them the freedom to decide on their own gifts is bound to enhance their online shopping experience. Get them a great new pair.

Can I redeem my gift card in-store? 

Do you prefer to look at the intricate details of your shoes in-store? The way the shoes feel when you walk in them, and how the comfortable the shape of it moulds perfectly to your size? 
 You can redeem your gift card at any Foot Locker retailer near you. All you need to do is show your card to a team member before you check out. Know exactly what you’re buying before committing to a sale. It’s that easy.  

Give a Foot Locker gift card a go!

Now you know how to pay with a Foot Locker gift card online, it’s time to pick up some new kicks! 
 Thinking about offering a gift card for a Christmas or birthday gift for your athletic friend, or just want to give someone a surprise? Showing your appreciation with a Foot Locker gift card can ultimately change the online-gifting game.