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The Sustainable Transition: Eco-friendly Gift Cards

Have you converted to paper bags instead of plastic ones? With gift cards, going paper-based is the way of the future, and our sustainable gift cards aim to make a difference when it comes to tackling eco-friendly gifting. 

Less plastic equals less landfill, and we consider ourselves a sustainable movement, not just a gift card company. Join the cause and trash the plastic.

Why are plastic-based gift cards unethical?

How often do you choose metal straws? Plastic gift cards are made from PVC, which is incredibly toxic and can act as a carcinogen. Australians waste up to 140 tonnes of plastic on gift cards each year, and when burned, this material releases compounds into the air - such as hydrogen chloride - which is harmful to the environment. Sustainable gift cards are completely safe for mother nature.

How are sustainable gift cards made?

How are gift cards sustainable? Instead of the dreaded PVC plastic that has been the norm for most businesses, our gift cards are from natural recyclable materials.
 These materials are FSC-approved and found in forests that are managed responsibly, as well as water-soluble glues and inks. To top it off, these cards are strong enough to withstand being bent or torn. Compostable to the EN standard and 100% biodegradable, the complications of single-use plastic are in the past!

Why choose sustainable gift card packaging?

  • Sustainable gift cards have a low carbon footprint and fewer carbon emissions.
  • They are biodegradable, which will reduce the amount of plastic pollution in landfills. Our brand is bringing forth new ways in how gift cards are being produced.
  • Sustainable gift cards prevent more harm to wildlife, such as sea turtles and other ocean creatures who mistake plastic for food.
  • They reduce production costs for companies, making for a faster turnaround.
  • They assist market growth. With a growing need for paper-based products, there will be a demand and innovation in the paper gift card market.
  • They are cheaper to transport in comparison to plastic cards.

What sustainable gift cards are on offer?

The Green Mastercard Gift Card is a no-plastic gift card, a Mastercard that can be sent to your mobile and is compatible with Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Google Play Store. You can use this card anywhere that will take Mastercard knowing that you’re doing something good for the environment. You’re helping the animals
  Likewise, the Digital Mastercard Gift Card is compatible with any store that accepts Mastercard, so you can buy what you want when you want to. If you have been searching for a sustainable fashion gift card for your upcoming event, going green and purchasing non-consumables has never been better.

What can you do to be more eco-friendly?

We are doing all we can to cut out plastic and involve carbon-neutral shipping, but what can you do to make changes? You can be mindful of your water usage, cut back on non-recyclables, reuse what you can, educate others, and always shop with keeping nature in mind.
  These sustainable gift cards encourage present and future shoppers to be mindful of their carbon footprint, and with eco-friendly gift cards, we can give back to mother nature.