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What is a digital prepaid Mastercard?

At some point, you’ve used a card to pay in-store or online for the things you want most. From food shopping to clothing essentials, home decor to children’s toys, you name it! A Mastercard is used for everything, and you can send this as a present to one or more recipients.

The key difference is that a digital prepaid Mastercard is a virtual card, not a physical one. By ditching the plastic and going digital, not only is it beneficial for the environment, but you’ll never need to worry about ordering a replacement.  

How use use digital Mastercard? 

Once you’ve ordered a digital Mastercard, how do you go about using it? As this card is compatible with Google Play, Apple Pay and Android Pay, you can use this card at whichever retailer you like! If you want to purchase the latest iPhone for work purchases, you can. 
 Since the card is digital plastic free and pro-environment, you’ll first be emailed the details of the card. With your unique code and activating it via the Card.Gift website, you can then add it to your virtual phone wallet.  

How many digits are there in a Mastercard number?

  Are you new to using a Mastercard? You may be wondering how many numbers you need to take into account before you make a purchase. A prepaid Mastercard - like any Mastercard - has 16 numbers, as well as an expiry date and a 3 or 4 digit code on the back. And as a secure digital card, you’ll never forget the combination.

How do you check a Mastercard balance?

Before any shop you intend to plan, it’s important to know how much you can spend on a digital prepaid Mastercard. If you want to ensure you have enough funds for a gift you have in mind, you can check your balance by accessing your digital wallet. Wherever you are, whatever time suits you. It’s that simple.  

Does a prepaid Mastercard expire?

Do you wonder how long you have to decide on a purchase that you’re happy with? This digital prepaid Mastercard has a minimum 3 year expiry date, so make sure you spend your digital funds within this time frame.  
With a Green Mastercard Gift Card, not only are you giving back to the environment by not buying a plastic debit card, you’re journeying to freeing and exciting ways to explore online and in-store products.  

What is a Mastercard digital enablement service?

With the internet, online payments have become the norm, but what keeps our information safe? The MDES - or Mastercard digital enablement service - allows companies like us to digitalise your payments and transactions as opposed to the traditional prepaid Mastercard. 
 Your main prepaid account number - or PAN - is replaced with a randomised number instead, called a token. This is sent over to your mobile device, offering maximum security everytime you click ‘complete order’.  
 This system is all about securing mobile and digital payments, whether it be for e-commerce, contactless payments, or transactions while using an app. This means you can have peace of mind knowing your payments will always remain secure.  

What if my card stops working?

Has your digital Mastercard suddenly stopped working? If this is the case, you may have reached your card limit or accidentally activated your card incorrectly. Some online retailers won’t support Mastercard, or you may have entered incorrect details.  
 Don’t worry. If any of this is the case, check over the cardholder agreement, double check that you’ve entered card information correctly, or reach out to Card.Gift for relevant support for troubleshooting. 
 Now that you know what a digital prepaid Mastercard is, it’s time to shop!