Cool gift ideas for teens

Avoid the angst of teen gift-buying with this handy list of gift ideas they’ll actually like. 

Teens can be hard to shop for: they’re on top of all the trends, their interests change almost daily and they’re influenced by social media stars you’ve probably never heard of. On the bright side, teens typically want a long list of things but don’t have the income to match – so that means plenty of opportunities for you. 

Here are our top 8 gift ideas for teens this Christmas. 

Wardrobe update  

Most teenagers’ wish lists will feature clothes and shoes, but it’s hard to know what’s on trend and what’s “so yesterday” (FYI current trend is kind of the 90s but also somehow scrunchies and bell-bottom jeans!). When it comes to fashion, think gift card and let them choose something they love. The Her Card is the ultimate fashion gift card for girls, while the Him Card has all his style needs sorted.  

Tech toys

These days there’s an endless list of tech products for teenagers to covet, so the list of gift ideas is long. Popular options include a portable speaker, headphones, a selfie ring light, a mini projector or an annual subscription to a streaming service they don’t already have, like Disney+ or AppleTV+. Or let them choose their own with the Teen Card, available to use at JB Hi-Fi (and loads of other top retailers).

Beauty haul 

Grown-up perfume or cologne make great gifts for teens. If you’re buying for a teenage girl who spends hours watching YouTube makeup tutorials, she’d probably love something like a fun eyeshadow palette, designer mascara, sheet masks or a nail polish set. Or treat your teen to a session at the beauty salon with friends with the Pamper Card.

Bedroom accessories 

No place is more important to a teen than their bedroom, so look for something that’ll help them create their perfect haven, such as prints and posters, fairy lights, candles, indoor plants or a cool lamp. The Online Card will let them upgrade their room with access to online retailers like ebay and ASOS. 

Stationery supplies

If the teen in your life loves to be creative, get them something they can use to express themselves, such as notebooks, fun pens, stickers, adult colouring books, art supplies or a journal for all those thoughts and feelings! 

Holiday entertainment

With nothing but long summer days on their horizon, go for a gift that they can use over the school holidays. If they love the beach, think beach towel, waterproof speaker or inflatable rings or floats. If they prefer dry land, maybe a video game, board game or craft kit. 

Or give them something they’ll love and something to do with the Teen Card, which lets them shop at retailers including Hype DC, ASOS, Nike and Adidas. It’s the perfect gift card for teen girls and boys of any age. 

A trip back in time

Everything old is new again – think vinyl records, polaroid cameras and vintage fashion. Buying them something that’s linked to your own teenage days is also a great way to bond (even if it does make you feel ancient).

The ultimate gift card

No one loves a gift card more than a teen. We’ve got the ultimate gift cards for girls and boys, including the Her Card, the Him Card and the Teen Card. Teens can be hard work, so a Christmas gift card is one way to make things easy on yourself. 

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