How to pick the perfect Secret Santa gift

Stuck for Secret Santa ideas? Here are some quick ways to bring your elf skills up to scratch… 

Kris Kringle, Secret Elf, a gift exchange or white elephant… Whatever you call it, we all know there’s rarely anything ‘secret’ about Secret Santa. Which means there’s pressure to deliver an awesome, thoughtful gift – often on a measly, predetermined budget. 

So where do you begin? Especially if you’ve drawn Jan from accounting (which floor does she even work on?), or a friend’s plus one who you’ve never even met?

Here are some quick ways to bring your elf skills up to scratch… 

Skip the novelty gifts

Sure, toilet paper crosswords and ‘I’m the boss’ socks can be a real hoot. But you risk getting it terribly wrong, or just adding more stuff to the junk pile (hello Marie Kondo!). Choose something that is practical, edibible or even something that can be grown. Stuck for ideas? We don’t mind pointing out that this is exactly where gift cards come in. By choosing a Homeware Gift Card that can be used across heaps of popular retailers, you can be sure it won’t go to waste (or down the toilet!). 

Add a personal touch

This is easier said than done if you don’t know someone very well, but it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to derive a few key facts about a person. Do they seem like the sporty, outdoorsy type? Go for an Active Gift Card. Or maybe they are more of a foodie? Choose a Restaurant Gift Card. It’s a small gesture to show you know what they are into – even when you don’t! 

Respect the budget

It’s the norm for Secret Santa to have a set budget nowadays, anywhere from $10 or $20 to $100 or more. Do your group a favour and stick to the budget. No one likes a Scrooge. But, by the same token, it’s embarrassing when someone clearly blows the budget and makes everyone else look stingy by comparison. If you’re buying a gift card, this means going for the exact amount. If your budget is small, consider a Restaurant Gift Card. It can be used at any cafe or restaurant that accepts eftpos, so at the very least you’re shouting them coffee and cake. 

Wrap it up

We’re all for recycling, but you can do better than chocolate wrapped in crumpled office letterhead… Write a little personal note (even if it’s from “Santa”) and present it nicely (pun most definitely intended). It’s a simple way to make your gift feel that little bit more special. 

Still not sure what you’re going to get for your Secret Santa?! Do yourself a favour and buy them an online gift card now. It’s fast and easy and, most importantly, you’ll still look like the most thoughtful person ever. You’re welcome.

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