Santa bring a gift card?! Here’s how to spend it!

Shop like a pro with our top tips on getting the most out of your gift card. 

So you scored a gift card for Christmas? Lucky you! Now the fun part starts. Our gift cards can be used at some of Australia’s favourite retailers and venues, from top fashion brands and stylish homewares to restaurants, cinemas and beauty salons – so you’re guaranteed to find something you love. 

Read on for our top tips on getting the most out of your gift card, plus a handy guide on how to use it. 

Top tips for making the most of your gift card

  • Keep it somewhere safe: avoid that sinking feeling of realising you’ve lost your gift card, and put it somewhere safe, like your wallet or purse. 

  • Don’t let it go to waste: sounds obvious, but it can be easy to forget you even have a gift card. The best approach: head for the shops ASAP. (Stretch your gift card even further at these killer end-of-year sales.)  

  • Don’t waste a cent: even if you’ve only got a few dollars left, you can use your balance towards a purchase and then pay the difference. Check your gift card balance here.

  • Know the rules: each of our gift cards can be used at a specific list of retailers and venues, and you can buy in store or online, depending on the outlet. Read on or visit our website for all the details.  

Where to use your gift card

Exactly where you spend your gift card depends on the card you’ve got – and what you want! (Our premium gift cards run from the Her CardHim Card and Kids Card to the Active CardRestaurant CardPamper Card and many more.) 

You can use your gift card at any of our participating retailers and venues Australia-wide. For a full list, go to The Card Network and click on your gift card type (scroll down and you’ll find the list of cards in the bottom menu). 

We’ve worked hard to link up with some of the best brands and businesses around, so you can choose exactly what you want – no compromises. 

How to use your gift card

Using your gift card is simple. If you’re shopping in a store, or paying in a restaurant, bar, beauty salon or other venue, just swipe your card at the eftpos terminal. Select ‘Savings’, enter the PIN on the back of the card and you’re done! (If the transaction amount exceeds the card’s balance, you’ll need to pay the difference.) 

You can also use your gift card online at participating retailers that accept online redemption. To find out where you can spend your gift card online, go to The Card Network, click on your gift card type and scroll down to the ‘How to use’ section. (If you’ve scored the Online Card, the internet is your oyster!)

How to check the balance on your gift card

You don’t need to use your gift card all in one place, so you get to choose how and where you spend your gift. To make sure you get the most out of your gift card, you can check your balance here (or go to the FAQs page of our website). 

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