Six must-try cocktails for 2020, and where you can get them.

Whether you’re out to celebrate or want something delicious before you head out to dinner, we’ve rounded up 6 of the best cocktails to try this spring

Painkiller – Photo via Alfred and Constance

The Painkiller

Like its name, this Virgin Island’s rum-based cocktail is usually associated with a next-day recovery ‘Hair of The Dog’ drink. This summery drink is perfect for those who are fans of a classic Pina Colada, calling for dark rum instead of Malibu (a white rum). Mixed with pineapple and orange juice and coconut cream, this is a thick and creamy delight made for the tropics. Find this drink at Long Chim in Perth and Sydney, or at Bar Maugaux, and LuWow in Melbourne. For those in Brisbane, check out Fortitude Valley’s Alfred and Constance ‘tiki bar.

Sangria – Photo via Bomba Tapas Bar Instagram Page


It wouldn’t be a cocktail list without a classic. Traditionally made with red wine, many bars substitute this for rose or white wine, especially for warm afternoons. The best part of Sangria is the masses of delicious, fresh fruit that is piled into the drink, making it sweet and refreshing. Many bars use peaches, apples, pears or tropical fruits such as pineapple and even lemons. Check out Barrio Cellar (Sydney) or Melbourne’s Bomba for your Sangria fix.

Moscow Mule – Photo via Stitch Bar


Served in an old-fashioned glass, this smoky and sweet whiskey cocktail has been made popular in 2020, originally created in 2005 by Sam Ross at Milk & Honey in New York City. Since then, it has made its way on many lists around Australia including at Romeo Lane in Melbourne where it’s available for delivery. You’ll also find the Penicillin Cocktail at Libertine and Alba Bar in Brisbane, and The Wild Rover in Sydney.

Trinidad Sour – Photo via Bobeche Instagram Page

Trinidad Sour

Created by New York bartender, Giuseppe Gonzalez, this lush cocktail heroes Angostura Bitters – an unusual buzz of richness when paired with orgeat, lemon juice and rye whiskey. This one is not for the faint-hearted – you can find it at Jangling Jacks in Potts Point (Sydney), Bobeche in Perth and Rupert on Rupert in Melbourne.

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Mint Julep – Photo Via Gerards Bar Instagram Page

Mint Julep

Something for those that love Mojitos and fruity, light cocktails – the Mint Julep is for you.
This cocktail consists of bourbon, sugar, water, crushed and shaved ice, mixing it into a lovely sunset hue. This cocktail is most famous for its price tag at the Kentucky Derby – costing up to a thousand US dollars. Luckily, it’s a bit more affordable at some of our favourite bars. Find it at The Kilburn in Hawthorn (Melbourne), Papa Gedes Bar, Sydney or Gerard’s Bistro in Fortitude Valley (Brisbane).

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