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One card, hundreds of brands = their all-access pass.

With over 100 brands to choose from, it's never been easier to get exactly what they want.

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Whether they fancy a pair of new sneakers or a much-needed grocery run, the Card.Gift card is theirs to spend as they please. Customise it with photos and videos, choose between digital and physical versions, and sit back and let it relieve your indecision–this is the right gift, every time.
With the Card.Gift Card, it gives them credit to spend the amount they want on the brands they love.
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No, there are no additional card fees associated with this card.

Yes. All images are subject to review and must meet regulatory requirements. For best results, uploaded images must be at least 640 × 480 pixels and must be in one of the following formats: .jpg, .gif or .png. Images that contain the following will not be accepted: Company names, trademarks, logos, slogans, works of art, copyrighted materials or brands of any third party and their likeness. Celebrities, professional athletes, actors, cartoons or computer game figures that are the sole focus of the image. Advertising or promotional materials or branded products. Phone numbers, addresses, URL addresses, account or PIN numbers. Violence, blood, dead animals, indecency, nudity or semi-nudity. Culturally or socially insensitive text or images or those that show alcohol, tobacco, gambling, firearms, online or role-playing games or adult entertainment. Text or images that display the views, opinions or beliefs of political groups or religions. Libelous or derogatory or defamatory content. Discriminative or provocative content. Numbers, text or images that might induce misunderstanding. Images that display anti-government behavior or sentiment or content that is in violation of any rules, regulations or laws. Text or images that might result in card acceptance confusion by merchants. Other text or images that are deemed not suitable for any reason for use as a gift card face by Card.Gift or its partners.

The Card.Gift Card is the ultimate card that allows your recipient to swap it into one or more gift cards available on our website.

This gift card is available as a physical gift card, which can be sent via post either directly to the recipient or to yourself depending on the details you enter in the shipping section at checkout. Need it sooner? This gift card is also available as a digital card, which can be sent via email and/or SMS.

Your card is valid for thirty-six months (36 months) from the date of purchase.

Gift ideas are our specialty! Be it Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Employee Incentives and Rewards, Corporate Gifts or just a “thank you, The Card.Gift Card is the best way to provide ultimate choice whilst still personalising your gift. Christmas – The Card.Gift Card is the perfect Christmas gift for friends and family members and a great way to thank colleagues, employees, business partners or clients for a great year completed. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day – Give the gift of a much-needed shopping spree for busy mums and dads of all ages. Birthdays – The Card.Gift Card is great when you want a gift that you know they’ll love. Employee Gifts & Rewards and Corporate Gifts – With beautiful packaging and great utility, some of the best Merchants in Australia, The Card.Gift Card is the best way to show your employees or clients you appreciate them whilst giving them choice. Thank you – The perfect way to say “thanks” for feeding the cat, lending me the car, helping paint the fence, looking after the kids or being a great teacher.