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An eftpos Gift Card is the Aussie Way to gift and the perfect way to say thanks. With this card, they can use it anywhere that eftpos is accepted in Australia, giving them complete flexibility for everyday spending and shopping options. You can also add a personalised message and greeting card too. Then, before you know it, they’ll have their shiny new gift quicker than you can say, surprise!
Wanting to reward and recognise staff or clients? Wanting to incentivise and acquire new customers? Give them a gift you know they will love! Eftpos gift cards provide the recipient with the freedom to use wherever they like. Eftpos gift cards are perfect for corporate gifts, rewards, loyalty and acquisition programs.  
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Just use it like a MasterCard or Visa card you have stored in your mobile wallet! Simply present your card and use it against any purchase. Open your digital wallet on your phone and select the card. Hold your mobile close to the card terminal. The terminal should recognise the card and your phone will prompt you to enter your pass code (this is your phone’s pin number). The terminal should process the payment and you will receive a confirmation on your phone “Done!”

No! You can choose how and where you want to spend your card balance. Any remaining balance after your transaction will stay on your card as long as it’s valid for. This way you can enjoy your gift card more than once!

You can check your balance and card expiry date anytime by checking the TCN App and selecting your card.

Your card is valid for thirty-six months (36 months) from the date of purchase.

Yes! Your card can be used in-store and online. However please note that majority of online merchants do not accept split payments, so the transaction value will need to be equal or less than the gift card balance.

Your gift card cannot be reloaded. The amount will remain on the card for next time you choose to use it.

Click on the link in your SMS and follow the prompts to download The Card Network (TCN) app. In the TCN App tap “View Card Information” and then tap on the “Add to Wallet” button. Follow the prompts to add your card to your mobile wallet. Your card will then be ready to 'Tap & Pay' at venues that accept contactless payments..

No, your gift card cannot be used at an ATM.

Your gift card runs on the eftpos payment platform. This gift card cannot be used online or for any ‘card not present’ transactions.

Just use it like a normal card! Simply swipe the card through the card terminal. You select “SAVINGS,” enter the PIN on the back of your card and you’re done – just enjoy your purchase! If the transaction amount exceeds the card balance, you will need to pay for the remaining amount on a different card or cash.

Yes. All images are subject to review and must meet regulatory requirements. For best results, uploaded images must be at least 640 × 480 pixels and must be in one of the following formats: .jpg, .gif or .png. Images that contain the following will not be accepted: Company names, trademarks, logos, slogans, works of art, copyrighted materials or brands of any third party and their likeness. Celebrities, professional athletes, actors, cartoons or computer game figures that are the sole focus of the image. Advertising or promotional materials or branded products. Phone numbers, addresses, URL addresses, account or PIN numbers. Violence, blood, dead animals, indecency, nudity or semi-nudity. Culturally or socially insensitive text or images or those that show alcohol, tobacco, gambling, firearms, online or role-playing games or adult entertainment. Text or images that display the views, opinions or beliefs of political groups or religions. Libelous or derogatory or defamatory content. Discriminative or provocative content. Numbers, text or images that might induce misunderstanding. Images that display anti-government behavior or sentiment or content that is in violation of any rules, regulations or laws. Text or images that might result in card acceptance confusion by merchants. Other text or images that are deemed not suitable for any reason for use as a gift card face by Card.Gift or its partners.

Yes, there is an additional $4.95 card fee on top of the gift card amount