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For every physical gift card purchased on Card.Gift. Eden Reforestation Projects plants a tree on your behalf!

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Our Commitment

We believe that giving is just as good as receiving (if not better!), and we couldn’t think of a better way to put this into practice than by partnering with Eden Reforestation Projects. Since its inception in December 2021, Card.Gift has surpassed 12,000 physical gift cards sold online, to thus plant over 12,000 trees across eleven project countries, such as Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya and Ethiopia. This means that you’re helping to alleviate extreme poverty and restore healthy forests through our planting partnership.
This wonderful non-profit organisation employs people in local communities to plant millions of trees every year. With this consistent income, villagers are able to provide for their families again – all while reducing the destructive effect of deforestation in the process.

Please visit to find out more and discover how you can help further.

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