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Kobo Gift Card

It's the perfect choice for the avid reader in your life.

Kobo Gift Card
$10 - $50AUD

Kobo is a global leader in eReading, offering world-class eReaders, Tablets and Apps for the most passionate Readers. Kobo offers one of the world’s largest eBookstores with nearly 4 million of the best titles in books, magazines, comics and kids. Gift them a Kobo gift card to help them find their next great read today.

Gift Card Details
Card.Gift helps you give great things like a Kobo gift card to the people you love. Add a personal touch to your digital card by filming a video message or keep it simple with a written note. Schedule when your giftee receives their text or email so there’s no missing their special day. Hassle-free for you and plenty of choice for them- everyone’s a winner! This gift card has a minimum 3-year expiry date.

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